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Our Story

The North Shore Resort was built in 1927. Its driveway was the original Main St. of Curtis, Michigan, until Edwin Shepard built the town’s first gas station. Shortly after, in 1929 the house was built. In 1931 the first cabin was built and two years later two more cabins were added. In the early 1950s, Clifford Lewis removed the gas station and made it into the gift shop. Lewis made other changes to Curtis; he was one of the founders of the town’s first bank.

Throughout the years, the North Shore Resort has had many owners, including Bill Krensnik in 1969 and Terry Schuck in 1984. It wasn’t until 1988, when Ronald Rushford and Lorraine Bennett purchased the resort from Terry Schuck. They owned the resort for six years before they decided to add the beauty salon that is now attached to the house. The beauty salon also has a small room located in the back. In the past years, it has been used as a massage room and a tanning room.

The same year the beauty salon was added, there was also another great addition to the resort. What used to be the garage was remade into cabin four. Cabin four is slightly smaller than the rest of the other cabins and doesn’t contain a front porch, but many visitors prefer spending their vacation in that cabin, because of its beautiful river view.

The North Shore Resort is a wonderful place for families to vacation. There are 3rd and 4th generation families that have been vacationing there for over 60 years. The resort is like a second home for the families who vacation there most of their summer.

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